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You will be missed

We abruptly lost our sweet dog, Chucho, Wednesday night. We are still processing the loss.

We stole him from some friends of ours on Labor Day weekend of 2017. He was scared of his own shadow when he first arrived at our house. It took him weeks to get comfortable walking through the kitchen to go outside. He was content to lie under the dining room table and watch Annabeth play. All. Day. Long. I swear he had the strongest bladder of any creature I have ever known. Annabeth loved Chucho from the first second she saw his massive amount of fur. At the moment, she thinks he’s visiting the doctor. We’re going to tell her that he’s gone to play with Addie but we’re just not prepared for that conversation yet.

Every single person who met Chucho fell in love with him. We even had a lady come look at our house and asked if he was included in the sale. Both of our neighbors offered to adopt Chucho when we move. Not sure if we would have disclosed his addiction to people food though. I once caught him pull a piece of cake off of the counter and gently set it down on the floor without so much as a jostle.

I’m sure there are those who want to slap us in the face and rub our noses in this tragedy. There are two ways to view our situation. ONE: See what’s right in front of your face and abort mission ‘Move Out Of Colorado.’ TWO: Chucho was showered in adoration for the last days of his life. We questioned his sustainability with a move across the United States and worried that he was not able to regain trust with a new family, yet again.

You will be missed, Chucho Dug. We love you. Your coming, going, and everything in between were made for our little family. Give Addie kisses from us.

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