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Drop the Expectations

Here I am browsing through sectional couches at 10pm after spending a weekend at furniture stores. How do people do this?! I feel like my head is spinning after walking through one store. Granted, Annabeth did have a little too much fun with the remote on one of the mattresses. Adjustable base with massage function in the hands of a toddler really does induce dizziness upon standing. Top it off with constant sitting and standing right back up… Maybe loading up on coffee wasn’t such a great idea.

We feel so blessed to be in this moment. We knew that we had a strong desire to leave Colorado. We honestly had no idea what we did want. How crazy is that? Charleston came up and it was a bit of a disappointment after our Raleigh-Durham letdown. Arriving in a whirlwind of chaos with the looming tickle that we may be making a gigantic mistake, we now wholeheartedly believe we have found home. Maybe for always. We never once considered a coastal area would be somewhere we’d fit in! MeeMaw Jackie is jabbing me in the side with this one. Ha. Take that, Mom. MeeMaw. I’m certain that Annabeth’s love for the sand and sea is a raindrop on her soul sent from her guardian angel.

We have been here for a month. T.J. started his new job on 2/18/2019. We arrived in town the day before. Things have moved so quickly! Now we are under contract on the home of our dreams. Seriously. It’s simply lovely but the path to it was just ugly. I feel like this journey has taken all of our comforts and thrown them out to sea. That house is perfect for you and timing is right to make a smooth transition? Nope. You would be comfortable in Raleigh at this amazing company with a wonderful owner? Not going to happen. Selling an adorable house in Colorado well below market value in a timely manner? That’s going to take 3 failed contracts and over 4 months! If you ever decide to take a risk, on anything really, our advice is to expect and prepare for devastation. Wrap it up with blind hope for unintentional joy and blessings. Sprinkle with faith and prayers for peace of mind.

This move has been so different from anything we’ve ever done. Backwards. We have always decided what we wanted, planned and researched, then it sought out. This time, we recognized our unhappiness and had almost no idea what we were searching for. Throwing expectation out the window is refreshing. Our dream was always to own a piece of property in Colorado with a couple kids (of the goat and human variety), a chicken coop, and a nice big garden. After much discussion and soul-searching, we were able to see that our dream made no sense for our current lives. We blame it on Annabeth. I think the heart of the realization is our new definition of family and fun. We enjoy exploring museums with her. Our new perfect day is throwing together a picnic lunch and seeking the coolest park we can find. We want to be busy with community events and entertain guests in our conveniently located home. Letting go of a dream is painful but creating a new one is magical.

Our house in Colorado will officially be sold on March 28th, pending no further issues. We are set to move into our house here in Summerville the weekend before my birthday. It is more than we would have ever been able to dream up. We are beyond excited. T.J. comes home for lunch every day. We walk around ponds, through flowering bushes, and under blossoming trees at our rental condo. Weekends bring so many options, we can hardly decide where to eat or which attraction we should explore.

Have dreams. But leave some room for those dreams to transform.

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