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Speed Cycle

Decisions have been made and I’m sure you’ve been hanging onto the edge of your seat for days awaiting our announcement. I’ll just come out and say it:

Charleston, South Carolina will be our next adventure!

T.J. went to Shreveport and Monroe last Tuesday thru Thursday to visit with potential jobs. It felt like I was holding my breath every moment he was gone. I even went to bed at 9pm the first night he was away. Completely out of character for me. I look forward to my 9pm glass of wine like Annabeth anticipates a poop-in-the-potty treat. The final verdict: the companies/jobs and people were amazing but the locations were not what we are looking for. Throughout this process, we have shifted directions numerous times. Our priorities have shuffled with each turn, bringing new ones to light. That aspect alone has made this journey exhausting. At the same time, the chance to fine tune the vision for our future has been enlightening. It came down to quality of life taking first place.

T.J. came home Thursday at noon and by the time the sun went down, we were celebrating our plans to move to Charleston. We decided to really challenge ourselves and planned a birthday party for Annabeth in 3 days. Yes, we are insane. The little party was a success in our eyes. We came home and went through Annabeth’s haul (of gifts and memories made). All we could talk about was how grateful we are to have only the highest quality loved ones. The gifts she received reflected the careful thought put into each selection. If we have one regret, it is that we weren’t more inviting to those we love here in Colorado.

Valentine’s Day 2019 will double as moving day for us. The moving truck is scheduled to pick up our boxes in the morning. Boxes of the cardboard and tool variety. We have given away our furniture and every single item we’ve been needlessly holding onto. Some pieces were set on the curb and others distributed to our family and friends. We still have a few things to get rid of but the house is emptying quickly. I guess that happens a little more easily when your house is a cozy 794 square feet. I refuse to let go of my cast iron and Instant Pot. T.J. would sooner shave his beard than leave his tools behind. I’ve never once seen his face without hair. We’re trying to find balance between retaining our identities and ushering in a season of exploration.

We’re stuffing a few suitcases in my Hyundai Tucson with a dog, a toddler, and two insane adults. The first leg of our journey will be 16 hours to Memphis, departing at 8pm Thursday night. We’ll be storming into an old friend’s home, someone I haven’t seen in half my lifetime. Poor thing has no idea what she’s welcomed into her house… The remaining 10 hours will be split over Saturday and Sunday. We’ll arrive in Charleston two days before Annabeth’s third birthday.

This is the speed cycle. I pray we get a turn in the dryer once we’re settled in Charleston but it is not likely. I think I need to set my sights on the joy we are seeking. I’m getting the hint that cleansing is exactly what we’re asking for. Maybe the dryer is exactly where we’ve been the past few years. Bring on the detergent!

Blurry photo. We were busy making precious memories.

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