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And so it begins…


Simple, right? Don’t get used to it because this is where the chaos begins.

Where to begin?

I was born in Colorado, raised in Texas and Louisiana. Nope.

I fell in love with my husband a few months after being disgusted by our first encounter. Not it either.

My name is Nikki Cox. I am married to a bearded man who is never without a smudge of grease. We have a 2 year old daughter.

Each and every moment presents a chance to begin something new.

Let’s start here, our current new beginning. Presently, my husband and I are in the cycles of moving from Colorado to the southeast. We were expecting a nice, clean process:

  • Get a job
    • With a promotion
    • Atlanta- the one location we picked
    • Moving expenses paid for
  • Sell House
    • Find a buyer that is married and pregnant or has a small child
    • Get an offer over our asking price
    • See sparks in their eyes as they fall in love with our home
  • Move to Atlanta
    • Spend the day exploring homes and feel an immediate warmth when we first lay our eyes on THE house
    • We spend our weekends living like tourists
    • T.J. comes home after work and doesn’t have to go to bed 2 hours later!

Needless to say, it’s turned into a cycle and not that rhythmic process we’d imagined. A cycle that reminds me of a washing machine. We spun in our first cycle with a job south of Atlanta. We visited Georgia in early November and things were falling into place. The greatest part of that was T.J.’s reaction to a whole load of first time experiences. I watched the wonder in his eyes and the tension melt away. That is not like him. At all. He’s a ball of stress and dreads anything new, new places and new people most of all. We had more fun during that trip than we’ve had in years. I caught him peeking through the curtains during our first night on Tybee Island to see the sun rise. I suggested he go down to the water and he spent an hour watching the ships come in. The ocean called Annabeth by name. T.J. enjoyed a leisurely detour on our way back to Atlanta. That sentence doesn’t even make sense. T.J. enjoyed a leisurely detour on our way back to Atlanta. He enjoyed something? He took a leisurely detour and enjoyed it? He is in Georgia?

That was our first cycle. We were thrown in and went through the heavy duty cycle.

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